Proper Way to Militarily Make Your Rack

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The other day I woke up and went about my business without making my rack. I cannot effectively lead and set an example if I am not keeping myself in check. Each and every sailor should take pride in how they present themselves. By showing pride in your rack you reflect your pride in yourself not only as a sailor / boatswains mate but you also show pride in yourself as a responsible adult. By not making my rack the other morning I failed to lead by example.

Your rack will not have any gear adrift such as, loose articles of clothing (clean or dirty) shower shoes, electronics, jewelry, pictures, grooming utensils (brushes or combs) if you so chose to hang a towel on the towel bar in your rack it must look neat.

There are some easy guidelines on how your rack is supposed to look. Your sheets need to be tight with the brown sheet tight on top. You can do this by tieing a knot in your sheets in the bottom side of your mattress. To keep your brown sheet tight I suggest using shirtstays to keep your rack together.. Your gray wool blanket will be folding “boot camp style and be at the foot of your bunk.

Racks will be uniformly made in the following way
Everyday racks will be made prior to quarters , made with two sheets Bedspread pulled tight with the top sheet folded down 12 inches from the top of the mattress. If a bedspread or Navy blanket is used the bedspread or Navy blanket will fit neatly under the fold of the top sheet and present a tight Navy like appearance.

The open end of the pillowcase will be tucked
under and face inward toward the bulkhead. Clean civilian
pillowcases are authorized. Blankets will be folded and placed at the foot of the rack. A civilian blanket, sleeping bag or comforter may be out, provided it is folded neatly and placed at the foot of the bed. Only One towel will be folded half-length wise and hung up neatly on the towel bar or on a hangar.

All bunk curtains will be open during working
hours for berthing inspection....
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