Proper Movie Analysis

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Proper Movie Analysis

Heather Nottingham


Doctor Sharon Hanscom

February 28, 2011

Analyzing and reviewing movies is just as important as the actual process of filming a movie. I will look at genre and discuss different variations for example war films. Next I will cover cinematic points of view to show the different ways in which the viewer will see a movie. Then I will look at the visual design as these are very important elements of the fill. Acting is also important as viewers we need to believe that the characters are real their dialogue can help with this. Movement can also make or break a movie. Sound and music are key elements in making a movie as this can influence a viewer. Finally, I will talk about analysis of a film as a whole. Genre films are very popular in today’s culture.

Genre films often show viewers beliefs, values or myths of America, unless of course it is a foreign film. Foreign films usually show viewers the same things but for that particular country that the movie is from. Many directors see advantages to producing genre films but there are also disadvantages. I see a large advantage to sticking with a particular genre is that the director becomes very good at making these particular types of movies, which leads to award nominations and wins. Now I would like to look a little bit more closely at new specific types of genre movies.

Films are created for a variety of reasons, such as to entertain, educate or document something. After considering the reason for the film, directors need to consider the genre in which they would like their movie to be based. There are so many different genres, in this paper I will look at two, warm films and screwball comedies. The first genre I would like to look at is war films. These types of films generally draw large crowds. Usually they are also tied to other genres such as drama or in some cases romance. Being in the military myself, I can often relate to aspects of war movies. However, it is not always accurate. However, public affairs officers and subject matter experts will work with film studios to ensure technically accuracy of these types of movies. The Hurt Locker was an excellent movie and was on the edge of seat the entire time. (The Hurt Locker. (n.d.) Although there were some inaccuracies in the movie Kathryn Bigelow truly deserved the Oscar for Best Director. The Hurt Locker also won five various awards for cinematography. (Awards for The Hurt Locker) This movie was very dramatic but I would like to show a different side of war movies by showing the romantic side of things. Most people do not think of romance when it comes to war movies. Though a movie that I can relate to and really enjoyed in many respects is the movie Dear John as this is a romantic war movie. At the start of the movie you see SGT Tyree meet Savannah while on leave for two weeks and in that time they fall in love. The movie shows their love affair as SGT Tyree is deployed to various locations around the world and he and Savannah write letters back and forth and fall deeper in love. (Dear John) However, it is the war that also tears them apart. Now I will look at screwball comedies.

Screwball comedies were popular in the mid-1930s to mid-1940s. They provided us with lighthearted movies that often provided funny gags and jokes. (Dirks, T.) The Awful Truth is a movie from 1937 starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne. It falls into the category of screwball comedy because of the antics that they play on each other as they start dating while going through a divorce. The director Leo McCarey won the award for Best Director in 1937. (The Awful Truth. (n.d.)) Cinematography is the way in which we actually “see” a film.

Cinematography is more about how we see the movie. It is about how it is shown and why it is shown in a particular view. There are four cinematic points of view. The first is objective this is done through a static camera as much as possible. It...
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