Proper Keyboarding Posture and Techniques

Topics: Microsoft Windows, Windows 2000, Speech recognition Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Proper Keyboarding Posture and Techniques
* Sit up straight
* Feet flat on the floor
* Body centered in front of the computer
* Elbows naturally by side
* Fingers curved
* Wrist low but not touching the keyboard
* Quick, snappy strokes
* Quick, down and in motion of the thumb
* Right little finger used for the enter key; other fingers remain on the home row * Use the appropriate little finger for the shift keys
Touch method of keyboarding
1. Examine the keyboard carefully to form a mental picture of the layout 2. Keep your eyes on the copy
3. Place your fingers on the center of each key with fingers slightly curved4 4. Keep your wrist straight, low, and not touching the machine 5. Strike the keys firmly and release them quickly

6. Do not look at your fingers while you are typing. Eyes on the copy How speech recognition works
You speak into a microphone connected to your computer. The sound card or multimedia chip and the speech engine process your speech. Each person who uses the program has their own unique “voice profile” that is separate from others, you choose your profile when you begin. Then the computer learns more about your voice each time you use it. Like a child, it will learn what words you use and correct you automatically. How speech recognition works

Continuous speech recognition applications allow a user to dictate text fluently into the computer. These new applications recognize up to 200 words per minute. While these systems do give the user system control they are not yet hands free. voice recognition uses a neural net to “learn” to recognize your voice as you speak. The voice recognition software remembers the way you say each word, even though everyone else speaking with varying accents and inflection. How Speech Recognition Works

Most programs have enrollment option where you speak a sample list of individual words or sentences into the microphone. This gives a base sample of...
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