Proper Construction Lighting

Topics: Construction, Light, Detection theory Pages: 4 (1345 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Due to the growing population and overly congested roadways, numerous of the roadside construction sites occur at night to reduce the problems of traffic. These sites have continually shown problems caused by their unnatural lighting solutions. The essential problem brought to attention is that of safety, caused by the poor vision, bright lights, shadows, and the glare created by the current lighting types being used. While looking at these different forms of lighting, one will be able to see and understand which the best permanent solution for roadside construction is. Portable Towers, Balloon Lighting, Headlights, Droplights/Floodlights will all be looked at as possible solutions, as well as the advantages and disadvantages that surround them. The Signal Detection Theory will be used to understand the importance and concern for an effective and safe lighting solution. It will also be used to understand and analyze the situation in terms of hits, misses, false alarms, and correct rejections.

Keywords: Signal Detection Theory, Hit, Miss, False Alarm, Correct Rejection.

Daytime lane closures and detours have become a thing of the past due to the constant delays, problems of congestion, high flow of traffic, and high possibilities of accidents. For many years now, State Departments of Transportation as well as the Federal Department of Transportation have scheduled for highway and freeway construction projects at night. (Huckabee, 2009) The nighttime repair and resurfacing of these roadways has expanded throughout the United States and has caused a problem concerning the safety of these projects, that is without the natural lighting of daylight, are the workers safe and citizens safe with the current lighting solution? (Huckabee, 2009)

On many road construction sites that I have personally seen, the primary source of lighting is Portable Light towers. I have also seen combined with these light towers are smaller halogen droplights and...
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