Propecia - Helping Make Hair Loss History

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  • Published : September 18, 2011
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Case Overview:
November 1997, Tom Casola, PROPECIA brand manager for Merck planned to launch with regulatory changes by the FDA in two months (likely launch Date: January 1998) PROPECIA (Expected FDA approval December 1997) represented a major breakthrough in the treatment of Male Patter Hair Loss (MPHL) “balding”. Merk’s 1st consumer-driven product (prescription needed) Direct-to-Consumer Ads key to building demand

PROPECIA (Finasteride) originally developed for treating enlarged prostates at a 5mg dose vs 1mg for MPHL. Works by blocking the conversion of testosterone into DHT = stops the deterioration of follicles Benefits:

83% of participants maintained current hair count
66% of men experienced visible re-growth within the first year Side Effects
Various sexual side effects experienced by fewer than 2% of men taking the drugs (compared with ~1% in a placebo) •In Pregnant Women - could cause birth defects in male fetuses if ingested or absorbed through skin

Alternatives / Competition: (see p.4)
1.Hair replacement surgery $2,000 to over $10,000 (~50% of the $1.5B in category sales), 2.Mechanical solutions “Hairpieces” lasting 1-3 yrs ~500 – 3,500 3.Topical Interventions $20 - $40/mo

a.Rogaine (minoxidil) the first product clinically shown to stimulate hair growth

The 6M Model for communications planning:
Strategic / Tactical
1.Market Opportunity: At least half of the male population – T. Casola (US) a.40 million American men
b.$1.5 billion in category sales (US)
c.100% lifetime incidence for White men (50% under 50yrs)
i.% MPHL lower in other races ie. 25% of blacks
2.Mission: To educate the consumer on the product, ease fears, set right expectations, have them get a prescription and purchase (make sure Doc has enough info to be comfortable prescribing the drug) a.Move the customer along the hierarchy of effects model… (see p.11 tech note) 3.Message: This is the most effective treatment available, less...