Propaganda World War Ii

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Definitions  War propaganda statistic  Military recruitment issue  American propaganda  German propaganda 

This expression can be explained as urging, advocating and agitating to take active part in war actions. The best tool to manipulate people is propaganda.

As definition says propaganda is an information that is spread for the purpose of promoting specific ideas.

During The Second Warld War, propaganda was used more than any other time this world has seen. -> technological inventions: photography, radio and film -> modern way of manipulating people

German propaganda in figures
Since the beginning of the War, there were produced:  more than 2 million brochures  more than 7 million posters  more than 60 million newspapers, wall posters, leaflets, etc. It carried out:  about 30,000 slide shows  about 45,000 film evenings every month  about 200,000 meetings and public or factory mass meetings

Mein Kampf
- This poster promotes Hitler's book Mein Kampf, announcing that four million copies have been sold. This book is what really gave more political opportunities to Hitler.


The text translates: "All Germany hears the Führer on the People's Receiver” The Nazis, aggressively encouraged to radio listening to make it possible for many people to hear Nazi propaganda.

Propaganda and recruitment
 Propaganda as mean of forcing men to join military

The various forms of propaganda exalted the war effort.  characteristic short and catchy phrases that were easy to understand and hard to forget

United States – Uncle Sam: I Want You!

Russia – „ And you, did u join voluntarily?”

Britain – „Join your country’s army! God save the King”

Norway - ALARM! "Finland's fight is our fight." Whoever fights for Finland also fights for his own country"

Germany (SS recruiting poster).

Germany – that one is SS poster from 1940’s, the Nazis started to recruit much more younger soldiers. „ JUST U !”

Propaganda of USA

U.S. Homefront Propaganda

When the United States finally entered the war, it became Total one. U.S. governement decided to allocate as many resources possible to the war effort.

Buy War Bonds!
Here we have fatastic example of how fear and children innocence can be used in propaganda.

Propaganda and Saving Gas


During war it is important for any country, to make all people involved in the war actions.

Government of USA put impact on total unity, even division of skin colour and gender had disappeared.

Enhancement of women role

As men left to the front, women took over the jobs in the factories. This is one of the most popular posters ever created in the United States.

Nazi Propaganda - Germany
"Hitler is building. Help him. Buy German goods."

Hitler’s leadership lasted from 1933 until 1945.
Nazi propaganda:  to acquire and maintain the power  to force more and more men to join military  to persuit total war and popularise Holocaust  to glorify german nation and revile others

Germany is Free!

"Germany is free!“

„Germans buy German goods”
Slogans on the bottom mean: "German Week German Goods German Labor."

Propaganda Against Handicapped
This poster says:

"This genetically ill person will cost our people's community 60,000 marks over his lifetime. Citizens, that is your money.”

"Youth Serves the Führer. All 10-year-olds into the Hitler Youth”

Membership in the Hitler Youth became obligatory in 1936.

By posters was promoted also eduction. „Fuhrer’s youth attends community schools."

Sometimes german propaganda refered to religion. Idealization of Hitler imposed to treat him as a god and the biggest hero.

The text: "Long live Germany!."

Evolution of German propaganda
In 1940’s Hitler’s politic about Jews got more determined and cruel. Concentration Camps become Death Camps. Mass murders...
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