Propaganda: Nazi Germany and War Effort

Topics: World War II, Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler Pages: 3 (1196 words) Published: May 21, 2013
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Zach Shore
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Terry Pollack
21 October 2012
American Propaganda in World War II
American Propaganda in World War II helped the war effort in many ways. Propaganda is using many different sources of materials to influence the way one thinks. It is very often used in wars to help influence the way the country feels and reacts to the war. Some ways they do this is stereotyping and half-truths among many other techniques to help with the effort o war and to help them win. America used many propaganda techniques in world war II. One of the most commonly used forms of propaganda was posters and adds. There were many different kinds of posters that helped in different ways. First there were posters that promoted the army an showed how amazing the army was. It showed that army men had courage and if you were in the army you would be like them. (For example go to page…). The second kind of posters were racist hate posters about the enemy. (Such as the one on page …) It shows Enemies from the axis portrayed in their racial stereotype. There were also books written on propaganda. These were intended to form a public opinion on the war in a positive way. There were also many propaganda movies such as the “this is why we fight series”. There will be more details on the movies later in the paper. Disney animation studios also helped in numerous ways and made many movies to help war effort. Again these topics will

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be discussed later in the paper. The last popular source of propaganda was through magazines. Disney helped by making numerous films to influence everyone to help with the war effort. These films included army instructional videos, portraying the enemy in stereotypical racist ways, and cartons that encouraged public need during wartime. One famous video by Disney was Der Fuehrer's Face. This film was about a German factory worker and there life in the factories. The factory worker was played as...
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