Propaganda in " V for Vendetta

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  • Published : September 11, 2008
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What is propaganda? Propaganda by definition is to influence people's opinions or behaviors actively, rather than merely to communicate the facts about something. It is used to gather support or disapproval of a certain position. The comic book series, V for Vendetta or the movie adaptation of the comic are great examples of the use of propaganda and fear spread by the government. In effort to promote the propaganda, censoring people or their expressions is a tool often used. Propaganda can almost go undetected in societies such as the one depicted in V for Vendetta. The government had a strong hold on the media and basically fabricated stories that otherwise might make the people alarmed or up rise. An example of suppressing the truth would be when “V” used explosives to blow up a statue that once stood for justice, but the government used the media and its strong influence on it to report to the people that the government was behind the explosion (demolition) and wanted it to go out with a bang. An example of directly lying and using fear against the people by the government is St. Mary’s, where (according to the film version) the government was looking for a cure to the virus that they purposely released on people during the period of chaos in order to gain control for their regime. After several attacks by “V” the government fabricates the news and blames the virus attack at St. Mary’s on “V’s” organization. Censorship was extremely common in this movie. All of the television programs were ran by the government and everything was taped so no one could air anything live. All political, sexual, and or religious, etc. views not in line with the regime were banned and anyone the protested against it were usually captured during the night by finger men, beaten, taken in for interrogation and tortured until they died. The government also had a “black list”, for all music that could never be played or listened to. After “V” blew up the Old Bailey...
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