Propaganda Essay

Topics: Ernie Ball, Propaganda, Jimmy Page Pages: 4 (1453 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Jonathan Abbadasari
English Honors 1
17 October 2012
Propaganda in America
Propaganda is one of the most widespread forms of persuasion and influence. Propaganda makes its subtle appearance in magazines, newspapers, television, books, posters, billboards, numerous other locations. It has been around for centuries seeping into each generation over and over. Finally, we see the effects of propaganda on millions of Americans today as it influences our choices and opinions. Propaganda displays itself in four different forms such as testimonial, assertion, bandwagon, and plain folk. These are different forms, but each one serves an identical purpose. The purpose is to convince and influence. At the same time, each form of propaganda has a certain hidden yet universal truth. The truth that propaganda can be manipulative, propaganda can be false and misleading, and propaganda changes one’s opinion or thinking to one side, the winning side. Propaganda has proved its truth of manipulation using the form of testimonial. Testimonial is a form of propaganda in which a respectable person or well-known public figure is associated with the advertised product. This form is very broad and can be found in a variety of products. Ernie Ball guitar strings is one of these products. “Jimmy Page has relied on Ernie Balls strings for over 45 years both live and in the studio” (Ernie Ball). Jimmy Page is an unquestionably talented, influential, soulful, and versatile guitarist. The ad associates Jimmy Page with Ernie Ball guitar strings. They try to say that Ernie Ball strings are what made him so amazing. The ad states that Jimmy Page has ‘relied’ on Ernie Ball strings implying that the consumer can also rely on Ernie Ball guitar strings. The consumer gets a sense that if Jimmy Page thinks these are good strings then I should too, but there is no way of telling if this is true or false as people usually don’t research the ad or what it is advertising. The company could...
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