Propaganda during World War II

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  • Published : April 4, 2011
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Disparity is the state of being unequal or different in some respect. This brings to inequality being lack of equality and also the distance toward the rich and poor. Poverty is when having very little or no money and very few or no material possessions. As for development is the act of improvement meaning gaining, expanding, or enlarging. Inequality and poverty can cause a country not to develop well, unless you have a good strategy. In this case I will show you a developed country (Spain) and a under developed county (Chad). I will do this by explaining four disparities of the same for both countries. Those disparities are total population, unemployment rate, and condom use. The geographical location of Spain is in south Western Europe boarded by the Liberian peninsula and Mediterranean Sea. This does not influence the countries development because it can cause good trade with other countries which makes good business and a better economy. Their government is parliamentary monarchy and this doesn’t seem to affect their economy in any way due to the fact that the government leader is carried out by a cabinet and its chancellor who is part of legislature. Spain’s health care system seem to be running smoothly since they have a universal healthcare, which is open to everyone even tourists. As for their education system Spain is known as LOE meaning Ley Organcia De Educacion or fundamental law of education this is good for them and keeps their peoples standards highly well. Spain is a MEDC due to their seas of free trade and also tourists give them a better part of living and handling their surrounding well. Spain’s only problem would be their GDP because it has fallen and known to be as global recession this would only be there issue on improving their development. The geographical location of Chad is north central of Africa measuring at 1, 284,000 square kilometers. This seems to influence the countries development due to the fact that Chad isn’t very...
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