propaganda and censorship in Fahrenheit 451

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  • Published : November 26, 2014
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Censorship and Propaganda

Censorship was very commonly used by the government in Fahrenheit 451, although censorship can be used for good, they clearly used it wrongly for their own agenda. In order to do actions that do not benefit others, you must make sure no one is aware of If or how your action is damaging them; Censorship is commonly used to do this. The government would not allow people to read by censoring all books so that people could not develop an educated attack, because when people think for themselves they can band together and stop what you're doing. The government would also target people who thought for themselves and use them as expendables, as someone whom they can kill off to work towards their agenda, thus they are censoring the only form of free thinking. Another way that the government hid information is by using propaganda, propaganda is presenting your ideas in a way in which makes the negatives inapparent or you are manipulating the truth to your advantage. Propaganda, just like censorship, is commonly used for good but is very easily misused. Censorship in fact is part of propaganda, in which you are hiding some of the truth from your audience. The government hid the eye opening enlightenment reading brings and the importance of opinion, this extreme of a totalitarian government is the perfect example of propaganda used for evil.
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