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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Common Proofreading Symbols
|Symbol |Meaning |Example | |[pic] |insert a comma |[pic] | |[pic] |apostrophe or single |[pic] | | |quotation mark | | |[pic] |insert something |[pic] | |[pic] |use double quotation marks |[pic] | |[pic] |use a period here |[pic] | |[pic] |delete |[pic] | |[pic] |transpose elements |[pic] | |[pic] |close up this space |[pic] | |[pic] |a space needed here |[pic] | |[pic] |begin new paragraph |[pic] | |[pic] |no paragraph |[pic] |

Common Proofreading Abbreviations
(The abbreviation would appear in the margin, 
probably with a line or arrow pointing to the offending element.) |Abbreviation |Meaning |Example | |Ab |a faulty abbreviation...
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