Proof of God’s Existence by Descartes

Topics: Existence, Mind, Ontology Pages: 4 (1732 words) Published: December 25, 2012
Proof of God’s Existence by Descartes
Descartes is one of the leading figures in philosophy. He is a French philosopher who also has major mathematical and scientific works. He may also be called “Father of Modern Philosophy” due to his break with the traditional Scholastic-Aristotelian philosophy and his development and promotion of the new, mechanistic sciences. He has many contributions to philosophy, such as thinking about the relationship of the mind and body, his famous reasoning “Cogito, ergo sum (I’m thinking therefore I am)”, and his sceptism. One of the most important contributions of Descartes to philosophy is questioning the existance of God. Descartes doubts about the existence of other things due to his sceptism, but he cannot doubt the existence of God, because he has a clear and distinct perception of God's existence, and he tries to prove the existence of God. Descartes aims to prove the existance of God by the help of thinking and reasoning. His influential claims about the existance of God is explained in detail in his book Meditations of First Philosophy, the third and the fifth meditations. In Meditation 3, he has several arguments for the proof. One of his argument begins with the argument in the second meditation: “I think therefore I am”. He tries to prove the existence of God by thinking about the idea of God and how it came from. Descartes notices that the idea of his existence is very clear and distinct in his mind; and due to this clarity and the fact he has just determined his own existence, he derives a rule: The things that he sees as very clear and very distinct are all true. Ideas cannot be wrong, but their judgements (judging whether the ideas are true or false) may be wrong. (Having an idea and believing it are different things, and human mind is mistaken in the process of believing in them, not in the formation of the idea.) After stating all his ideas are true, Descartes analyses the sources of his ideas. Ideas may be...
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