Pronouns Possessive Pronoun

Topics: Pronoun, Love, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Assignment 01
Due date: 04 March 2013

Section B
1. Narrative and reflective
2. It’s a romantic love story. Because it’s about a man trying to win the heart of his love. 3. i) tenant – the writers friends (homeboys) and Mimmy stayed in the backrooms of the house. ii) intrigue – the writer was captivated by Mimmy.

iii) audacity – the writer wanted to declare his feelings to Mimmy which was not an option. iv) oblivious – Mimmy was not phased by the comings and goings of others. 4. i) My friends were tenants in a certain house with backrooms. ii) I decided to approach her to get to know her better.

iii) Mimmy was reserved and she seemed not to notice us or other people for that matter. 5. i) Understand – not
ii) Until – opposite
iii) Unlike – not
iv) Underling – not
v) Unfortunately – opposite
6. i) Three nouns (type of nouns) – Mimmy, homeboys, first Proper nouns, common nouns, collective nouns
ii) Three verbs – visiting, was, mischievous
iii) Three adjectives – long navy, approach, noise
iv) Three adverbs – mingle, bargained, jogged
v) Three articles – the, an, a
vi) Three punctuations – it gradually became clear that, “I love this woman. I am in love”! vii) Three conjunctions – for, not, yet
viii) Three pronouns – possessive pronoun: I first told her that I wanted my children to have teeth like hers, lips like hers! Intensive and reflexive pronouns – I introduced myself first and asked for her name. Relative pronouns –That day finally came, the 01st of May, it was a holiday and it was perfect. ix) One adverbial phrase – Then, one day while we were chatting along the way, I realised from our conservation that she was also in trouble…she was also in love. x) Three prepositions – with, about, before

7. i) My cat is very playful.
ii) He thought he was able to pay his own school fees.
iii) These children are making a noise.
iv) This is indeed great news; I can’t believe I made it!
v) When I was young, I loved playing with dolls....
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