Pronoun and Mark

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DUE DATE: 04 March 2013

Section B: Language (Submit)

Now answer the following questions:

1. Identify two style features of the story above. (2 marks)

Informal and simple

2. What is the tone of this story? Why do you say so? (3 marks)

Casual and Friendly

3. Write all the dictionary entries of the following words.
i) Tenant
ii) Intrigue
iii) Audacity
iv) Oblivious (4 marks)

4. Choose the most contextually appropriate dictionary entries for the three words above. (4 marks)

5. Which of the following words has a prefix that means ‘not’ or ‘the opposite of’? i) Understand
ii) Until
iii) Unlike
iv) Underling
v) Unfortunately (4 marks)


6. Read through the story again and find:
i) Three nouns (specify the type of a noun)

ii) Three verbs

iii) Three adjectives
Oblivious, mischievous and fortunately
iv) Three adverbs

v) Three articles

A, The and An

vi) Three punctuations.

Full stop, comma, exclamation mark

vii) Three conjunctions

while, Because and until

viii) Three pronouns (specify the type of a pronoun)

I - Personal Pronoun

ix) One adverbial phrase

I found myself visiting my homeboys more often

x) Three prepositions (10 marks)
After, Unlike, before

7. Correct the following sentences for subject-verb agreement, tenses and fragments. i) My cat it is very playful.

ii) When he thought he could afford to pay his own school fees.

iii) This children keep making noise.

iv) These are great news indeed; I can’t believe I made it!

vi) He is an energetic young woman.

viii) In 1990, he lead his team to a glorious victory.

ix) Everyone have a right to live happily ever after.

x) I am taking a bus to school every day. (10 marks)

8. If you wanted to know the name of the place where this story takes place, would you skim or would you scan through the story? (1 mark)

9. If you wanted to know the gist of the story, would you skim or would you scan through the story? (1 mark)

10. Skimming and scanning form part of the ......-reading strategies. (1 mark) During – Reading

Section C: Reading (Submit)
1. What type of text is the above passage? Why do you say so? (2 marks)

2. Find three sets of homophones in the passage. (3 marks)
Know, right, There

3. What is the difference between being naughty and being mischievous? (2 marks)

4. Describe Mimmy’s character in your own words. (3 marks)

5. Based on this passage, what does the writer mean by the statement, “She was not like other girls”? (Par 6) (3 marks)

6. Why was the writer uneasy about telling about his feelings? (2 marks)

7. We are told that Mimmy also felt the same way as the writer. Why do you think she did not tell the writer about her feelings? (2 marks)

8. “But I got more than what I had bargained for.” (Par 7). What does this statement mean in context of this passage? (3 marks)

9. “That didn’t bother me that much” (Par 4). What does that refer to in this sentence? (1 mark)

10. What is (are) the most suitable word(s) for Q. 10 above? (1 mark)

11. Based on the passage, what is it that attracted the writer to Mimmy? (3 marks)

12. “Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, I saw her and followed her”. Explain the ‘fortunately/ unfortunately’ phrase based on the passage (4 marks)

13. What are some of Mimmy’s actions that could have been interpreted as rude? (3 marks)

14. What evidence is there that the writer could have, at some point, deemed Mimmy’s actions s rude? (2 marks) she seemed somewhat oblivious to the comings and goings of people around her 15. Why is ‘first’ in the first sentence of paragraph 8 in inverted comas? (2 marks)

16. The writer claims that he had many things in common with Mimmy. In which paragraph do we find evidence to support that claim? (1 mark) Para 8

17. What would be a suitable heading for this story? (1 mark)...
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