Promotional Strategy of Tiger Energy Drinks

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Promotional Strategy of Tiger Energy Drink
* Promotion: Promotion means creating a value to the customer. Tiger energy drink is using promotion to clearly and persuasively communicate their values to the customers. Producing product, pricing attractively and confirm availability to the customer are not only works for the Tiger energy drink, they also do promotional strategies to create more customers perception and values. * Promotional mix: The Tiger energy drink is using promotional mix to persuasively communicate customer value and build customer relationships. The tiger energy drink uses only two ways of promotional mix. * Advertising: The tiger energy drink is using billboard, television, radio, print media for advertising. * Public relation: The tiger energy drink is building a good relations with their various publics by obtaining favorable publicity. * Communication process: The marketers need to understand the working process of marketing communication. They are using 9 elements of communication process to promote their motto “Recharge Yourself”. * Designing message: The marketers of tiger energy drink must decide “what to say” and “how to say it” while putting a message together. The tiger energy drink are using two types of appeal named Rational & Emotional appeal. In rational appeal they show that tiger energy drink has better quality and good taste. It produces vitamins, minerals and natural flavors. It gives people refreshment and energy. In emotional appeal, the marketers create positive image on consumer mind. They create on consumer mind that, while drinking the tiger energy drink they will be more energetic and recharged. They are using the motto “recharged yourself” for advertising. They selected Aiyub Bachchu for their brand ambassador. They basically designed their message for teenager and middle aged people. * Choosing Media: The communicators of tiger energy drink uses both two types of channels of communication....
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