Promotional Strategy for Camera

Topics: Physical security, False alarm, Burglar alarm Pages: 7 (2597 words) Published: March 7, 2011
We will meet with a member of your leadership team, design a specification to meet your individual requirements. Once completed, we will submit the specification complete with budget costs. When you are satisfied with the specification we will arrange for three pre-qualified installation companies to tender for the work, arranging for them to send their quotations direct to you. As well as supplying the installation companies with the agreed specification we will also stipulate the specific equipment to be used. Installers do not have the freedom to change the specification or the equipment supplied. When the quotations arrive the only difference will be the price. This overcomes some of the major problems schools and colleges face. * Time spent finding three companies who can provide quotations and knowing if they are in the 20% of installers who meet the police requirements. * Time to explain your requirements and show the salesmen around your premises. * Having to decide the type of system that is best for you, when not only is the equipment specified by each installer different, but the basic concept and system philosophy may vary widely from company to company. * Not knowing if the lowest quotation is offering best value or simply using inferior equipment to gain a price advantage. To keep your new CCTV system in optimum working order, we can also supply a unique maintenance contract that gives you the freedom to change the company maintaining your system within 45 days at no additional cost. Security System: sales and marketing

It has been said that alarm systems fall just behind life insurance and cemetery plots as one of the three most difficult things to sell. Formerly, much of the buying public regarded alarm systems as intimidating, complicated and ineffective and perceived them as necessary only for businesses and the very rich. Commercially, security systems were considered a necessary evil-needed by businesses to protect against major losses and required by many insurance companies before coverage would be granted. Residentially, alarm systems were found in a tiny percentage of homes. Although their numbers were limited, residential alarms were usually more popular among those with higher income levels, more education and young children. As the number of VCRs, personal computers and even exercise machines grew, security systems-the very things that could protect these investments-lagged behind. It wasn't too difficult to see why. At the time, most people would be hard-pressed to name an alarm manufacturer or installation company. It wasn't until the mid 1980s when First Alert, the popular smoke detector company, attempted to remedy the situation by employing actor William Conrad to endorse its products. The campaign was highly successful for both First Alert and the security industry in general. Perhaps more than any other current strategy, this event succeeded in promoting an awareness of residential safety. Today, the industry is vastly different. Alarm systems are known as security systems, and ads for security systems now proliferate in newspapers, magazines, radio, television and even on billboards. Residential sales are up significantly. Most people can now cite the names of popular alarm manufacturers and installation companies. Competition is keen, and the industry is healthy. What has accounted for this renaissance? Before answering this question, it might be interesting to engage in a short review of security's history. Although it's a little-known fact that a New Englander named Edwin Holmes is largely credited for inventing the burglar alarm, an even more obscure detail grants, to an Augustus R. Pope of Somerville, MA, a patent dated June 21, 1853, for the "development of an electromagnetic alarm." Little was heard from Pope after that, except that he sold his patent to Holmes, an aggressive entrepreneur who, by trade, owned a notions...
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