Promotional Strategies

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Promotional Strategy
To get an early grasp of our target market we will go through several promotional stages. We plan to begin advertising during the beginning of May, a month after opening. Using a blitz tactic to create a large market presence during the early stages of the business, after having a chance to plant our feet. Giving BattleShots! a month before advertising to get used to the environment is important to ensure that we will be able to handle a larger number of scenario’s. Once we begin advertising we will use three different mediums of paid advertising; print bathroom ads, radio and bench ads, these will run through-out the month of May. The following three month’s will consist of bathroom ads and bench advertising as well as a special promotion that will take place in our store. During September and October advertising will slow down but not stop entirely; radio ads as well as more in-store promotions will continue to run. During the remaining months promotion will consist of all four forms of promotions and advertising spread out as a reminder strategy. (appendix)(appendix)

Our print ad will run in trendy hot spots around Calgary posted in washrooms with ad space hosted by Newad. The run-time of our ads is two 16 week periods, the first starting in May and running till the end of August and the second run will begin during November and end in February. We choose a 16 week run time due to the ten percent discount given by Newad when doing so, this saves us $1200.00 with the advertising run through Newad. (appendix) Bathroom ads have the furthest reach for our target market because most of them are located in establishments that our clientele would frequent; because of this we spent the largest portion of our advertising budget on print ads. During each 16 week run there will be five different posters in washrooms around Calgary. The cost break down for this medium is as follows; using only the classic product that Newad offers, each poster has a weekly rate of $75 and we will use five different posters over two separate run of ads. This will give us a total expense of $10,800.00 after the 10% discount is applied. (appendix) These ads will associate the mystery love mark by giving an idea of what happens at BattleShots! but will keep that mystery of the actual experience of being there.

Our bench ads will run in two choice neighborhoods in Calgary that were chosen strategically to be located around our target market. FarWest Outdoor supplies the advertising space as well as production of the physical bench ad and maintenance. We plan on running these ads during the warmer months of a Calgary year, the first run will last 4 weeks and begin and end in May. (appendix) The ads will then be repeated during the month of August. The cost break down of these ads is straight forward with a $120 rental rate per bench and $325 for production of the bench per bench. For every 4 week run we plan on running two ads each month, because of this we are given a $25 discount per bench, which saves us $100 and gives us a total advertising expense of $1680.00 with FarWest Outdoor. (appendix) These ads will serve to create a play touch point by making the benches interactive, this is targeted towards people who are waiting for a bus and because of the location we have chosen for them it will have a good reach for our target market.

X92.9 is Calgary’s modern rock station and tends to have a younger listenership within its audience. The ads we produce for X92.9 will be simple ads as we don’t get a good chance to hit on any solid touch points with radio advertising. This means that these ads will be used to promote up-coming events, special offers and help in creating market awareness. We want to include these ads during our primary blitz period so we plan on running them during the first 3 weeks of May and then at the end of our advertising calendar for the full month of March. (appendix) These...
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