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The objectives of the Consumer Communication exercise should be as follows: To draw the attention of mall visitors towards the new format To promote the offering: emphasizing on the Taste, And Nutritional Value Differentiate our offering from that of the competing category of beverages Convincing our customers of the value, taste of our product portfolio The following categories would form the target groups, age-wise for the venture: Kids, looking out for Indulgence without the approval of Parents, especially with regard to the cold drinks and beverages.

The young adults (15-26) Age group who look for value conscious bargains in return for a feel good factor.
The elderly, seeking nutritional value
Consumer Communication Message
The challenge would be to come up with a branding, communication message which is catchy and neutral across age groups. Although it is not possible to come up with a new branding which overrides, the values of the core brand, the message would have to be toned down to something that is not biased towards kids, if it needs to succeed in a mall environment. Some suggestions could be:

1. Branding the format, that can be replicated and recognizable. 2. Using catchy names such as Fire’ N Ice to capture the youth segment 3. Using the branding area to talk about Health Facts, History of the Brand and Trivia which is captivating and induces trial.

Ground Level Activation and Promotion Plan
It is crucial to give the format a good start and a push in times of slow movement. This is where the role of ground level activations would come in. The Activation Plan could be categorized into 2 parts:

A) The Initial Launch Plan
B) Running Promotions
As far as the Initial Plan is concerned, it would be initially take shape in the form of sampling. In case a sampling exercise would be initiated, the cost would amount to Rs. 3500 for 750 cups (inclusive of the logistics cost). If in case a full fledged Launch were to be executed, the...
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