Promotion Strategy: Pennzoil-Quaker State

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Pennzoil-Quaker State Canada (PQS) are planning promotions to attract more customers to use their motor oil so that PQS can not only increase motor oil sales, but also strengthen their brand name in the Canadian market. In Canada, people change the cars frequently and most owners decline the times of changing motor oil in a year. Therefore, PQS should enhance the Roadside Assistance program to allure new customers and implement the One-to-One program to preserve the relationships among the customers, the installers, and PQS and to solve the problems that PQS have. PQS can not only maintain its brand in the competitive market, but also attract more customers to use their products. Most Canadian owners always change their motor oil at new-car dealers. However, those owners are competitive loyals for PQS. For new customers, the best way to get their attentions is offering samples. Therefore, I think that PQS should provide customers using PQS motor oil for free in 120 day, which called Roadside Assistance program. This program will increase those owners’ interests in PQS products and the owners are willing to try free products rather then to buy them. After using the samplings, some owners would like to use PQS products and buy the products in the future. After getting those customers’ attention, PQS need a program to keep the existing consumers. PQS can keep the existing and new customers by offering better service. Consequently, PQS should implement One-to-One program. Due to the program, the consumers, the installers and PQS can keep good relationships. The installers and PQS can know the customers’ perceptions about the service, or the products. Also, the installers and PQS can use the program to offer some information about motor oil and also educate the customers how important changing motor oil three times in a year is. On the other hand, the consumers can easily get the warranties and reminder cards to remind them to change motor oil and they can use...
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