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M/S Anand Chemical Industries, which started business one year back had advertised for the post of chemists. Out of 28 candidates 4 candidates were selected after the interview procedure. All the candidates joined on the same day and had the same amount of basic pay. The company had been manufacturing synthetic fabrics since the past 15 years and the chemical industry is their new field. The Dy GM( Hr) of the previous company had come up with excellent policies for the organisation and he used the same policies for this organisation making the appropriate changes. The MD approved of all these rules. The 4 candidates had to put on training for 2 months prior to taking over as chemists. This training program consisted of an interview every weekend for the assessment of their progress, there were also evening classes on non-technical matters. The various departmental heads also took classes to acquaint themselves with the working of the organisation. All the various rules of  the organisation were communicated . This training program had also been conducted to determine the seniority of the candidates but their performance had the same rating and grade. After this program the candidates were taken on as regular employees on a 6 month probation period.

The Dy GM (tech) was put in charge of the chemists. As the company was growing and their order position increased there was increased pressure on him as he had other responsibilities in the organisation therefore they decided to appoint someone else as the head of the chemist. The Dy GM ( hr ) did not agree with the proposal of the GM to hire from outside the company instead he wanted to give the position to an existing employee and fill in the vacancy. All the candidates were found to be almost as equal as they gat the same marks in the interviews.

The  Dy GM( HR) had a free hand in deciding who he wanted to select but he did not want to create any disturbances in the functioning of the department. He did not want to show any favouritism as they might get demorilized

Facts about the study:
Industry: Anand Industries (since 15 years)
Company: Anand Chemical Pvt. Ltd (since 1 year)

Job vacancy: 4 vacancies for the post of chemist
Experience required – Minimum 3 yrs (over 28 yrs of age)
Qualification – BTech (Chem.)
Selection process:
Believe in recruiting new people and not taking already experienced old employess from the other companies of Anand Industries. Conducted by: DY GM (Tech) and DY GM (HR)
28 candidates shortlisted for interview, Out of which 4 selected. All new recruits had same qualification, experience, and were of same age, but different cultures. Training Process:
2 months training conducted by DY GM (HR)
Interviews every weekend for assessment.
Evening Classes for non- technical matters for 5 days a week for 2 hrs conducted by DY GM (HR). Various classes conducted by respective department heads to acquaint the trainees with their departmental activities and problems.

Post Training:
All 4 chemists were on probationary period for 6 months under DY GM (Tech). As company grew, responsibilities of DY GM (Tech) grew. In order to reduce the pressure on DY GM, the company came up with the post of Sr. Chemist. Problem:

GM’s Idea: New recruitment as Chemist not experienced enough for promotion. DY GM (HR)’s Plan:
New recruitment too tedious and time consuming. Also it will take time and training for a new employee to get acquainted with the working of the company. Suggestion – Promote one of the chemists.
Appraisal Process:
Draft stage – Appraisal System
Assessing performance not possible, all candidates same rating. Thus, they will be judged on the basis of their merit as their marks in their assessment were same. The GM gave the DY GM (HR) a free hand in selecting a Sr. Chemist for the four chemist.

Q1) In the prevailing situation,...
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