Promotion Opportunity Analysis

Brand, Folic acid, SWOT analysis

2.0 Promotion Opportunity Analysis

In this phase we are going to introduce the opportunity analysis that is in fact the foundation of the rest of the campaign development. It is really important to analyze the key target markets which apply in the following: •Demographics -> from the facts given from Nestle company we can figure that demographics form as following: we make a separation among 60% of households & 40% of singles.

Income -> we refer to people with average monthly salary between 500,00 to 700,00 €.

Social Class -> Almost all social classes are included regarding the fact that our product has an approachable price.

Phychographic Variables -> the main variable of this part that we can refer on is the fact that in the case of families, Clusters ™ consist a first need consuming product, so it is bought rather unsolicited. On the other hand, singles that also consist a part of our target market, are a group that become repeating buyers in the case that are really satisfied by the product .

2.1 Communication Analysis

In this part we are going to identify and analyze the marketing environment as well as the communications that takes place into this. This will come up through PEST and SWOT Analysis.

According the usage of the above tools we have the following:


economic recession in our cases pushes competitive price among other similar products positive because of the competitive price

Trends & modern social models enhance new technologies allow mass communication breakfast establisment as a more healthy to potential & existing customers way of life

From the PEST Analysis we can figure that political, social and...
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