Promotion of Pizza Hut

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Pricing objectives and strategies pursued by the company for the product.

Pizza Hut has been successfully used high or low pricing strategy when setting the retail price of the product. High or low retail pricing strategy allows Pizza Hut to charge prices above the competition, but also encourages frequent sales to lower their prices below. The retail price of "The Extreme" has been set at £ 9.99, which is higher than competitors Pizza Hut. Some sales promotions and coupons have been used to reduce prices below those competitors. Both Pizza Hut and drinking Mountain Dew is a Pepsi subsidiary, bundle price was used. Price "The Extreme" pizza is £ 9.99 and 2 liters of Mountain Dew is free. High or low price strategy has several advantages. This pricing strategy will help segment market. Different groups of people who are willing to pay different prices for the same product. The high or low pricing strategy will also create excitement. Customers will be able to buy something new and this exciting experience may bring those customers back to purchase other products. This strategy will emphasize product and service quality. Pizza Hut sends a signal to customers that its products are high quality and service is excellent. (, 2013)

Distribution Channels Strategy
Distribution Channels Strategy is a conscious selection of Distribution Channels to move products from the producer to end-user. The choice of distribution channel varies according to products. Industrial and engineered products need a much different channel than a standardized product. Direct, manufacturer representatives, and distributors sell through the various distribution channels. The type of distribution used by pizza hut is Direct Channel. The direct channel is successful when there is an extremely large market that is geographically isolated. The direct channel is also helpful when there are a huge number of buyers, a little amount of purchased by each. Pizza Hut uses...
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