Promotion Mix

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Advertising Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Components of Promotion Mix: There are seven main elements in a promotional mix. They are: 1. Advertising - Any paid form of non-personal communication through mass media About a service or product or an idea by a sponsor is called advertising. It is done through non personal channels or media. Print advertisements, advertisements in Television, Radio, Billboard, Brouchers and Cataloges, Direct mails, In-store display, motion pictures, emails, banner ads, web pages, posters are some of the examples of advertising. Paid promotion and presentation of goods, services, ideas by a sponsor comes under the advertisement. 2. Personal Selling - This is a process by which a person persuade the buyer to accept a product or a point of view or convince the buyer to take specific course of action through face to face contact. It is an act of helping and persuading through the use of oral presentation of products or services. Target audience may very from product to product and situation to situation. In other words personal selling is a person to person process by which the seller learns about the prospective buyer's wants and seeks to satisfy them by making a sale. Examples: Sales Meetings, sales presentations, sales training and incentive programs for intermediary sales people, samples and telemarketing etc. It can be of face-to-face or through telephone contact. 3. Publicity: Non-personal stimulation of demand for a product, service or business unit by generating commercially significant news about it in published media or obtaining favourable presentation of it on radio, television or stage. Unlike advertising, this form of promotion is not paid for by the sponsor. Thus, publicity is news carried in the mass media about an organization, its products, policies, actions, personnel etc. It can originate with the media or the marketer, and is published or broadcast at no charge for media space and time. Examples: Magazine and Newspaper...
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