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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Promotion – Vuong Nguyen -- s53112

Promotion is a system to fix the business of communication with customer. This will contribute evidence which supports them to take judgement to purchase a product or service. Ikea's promotions were grounded on selected marketing circumstances and cultural awareness of each country in general and Australia in particular. Those are distinct a lot from worldwide markets. IKEA had operated with altered advertising agencies to take out some of the best innovative and substitute television spots through the world as well as in Australia.

However, to be successful to attract a certain amount of customers, IKEA needs to publish some of specific and affective promotion on them to increase the revenue. For example, when a customer buys an electronic washing machine about $2000, he/she will get a voucher to claim $150 in 30 days register later. So in those days, IKEA can use that $150 as the revenue to make some more products or even a particular service, so they would earn money, on the other hand, that customer is feeling happy and cared by IKEA. Then he/she would come back again for some of the following deals.

Furthermore, likely the promotion that The Good Guys provides for their customers, “Pay cash pay less”, so they will get discount for the items. By this advice, customers will be happy to take money out of the ATM, hand to the counter, so the company will get money straight away to run the business, customers pay less than general, it takes advantages for the both side of the business. So it might be one of some recommendations which could bring much money for IKEA.

Moreover, delivery is one of the most important enquiries which customers should be caring about. So IKEA could give them a few options on discount fees on delivery charge. For instance, when customers purchase over $3000 on all types of items, they will just pay $50 for delivery, if they would like a service to install or assemble for them, it would be...