Promotion Campaign for Led Lighting

Topics: Light-emitting diode, Lighting, Incandescent light bulb Pages: 11 (3757 words) Published: September 29, 2011
Promotion Campaign for LED Lighting
Zhuoxian Li
University of Southern California

Promotion Campaign for LED Lighting
Future of LED Lighting
Now is the time of an information age, in which energy plays an essential role in people’s life. People rely heavily on various kinds of resources to support their daily life, especially gas and electricity. However, as a result of excessive exploitation of natural resources, the world is now facing a global energy crisis, which is triggered by the fast-paced economic development. Energy conservation has now become a global issue rather than a private concern. According to a recent research, illumination power accounts for about 20 percent of the total power utilization in the United States. In this situation, my campaign is designed to promote LED lighting, which is apparently more economic and environmental friendly than other lighting fixtures. The Energy Crisis

Due to the rapid growth of the world population and the accelerating environment deterioration, energy conservation has become a global concern. As a recent survey shows, the global energy consumption has been gradually increasing at a speed of 1.8 percent annually during the past 30 years, along with the continuous growth of the world economy. Some scientists predicted that all kinds of fossil fuels will be exhausted all around the world by the end of 2030. Therefore, energy conservation has become a burning issue, which is now increasingly urgent. LED Lighting

LED is short for Light Emitting Diode, which is a semiconductor lighting material. It was firstly introduced as an applicable electronic element in 1962. The early versions of LED could only emit low-intensity light, whereas the modern ones are proved to be able to deliver light with incredible brightness. Except for the conventional semiconductor light emitting diodes, there are other two advanced LED products, the organic light emitting diodes (OLED) and the polymer light emitting diodes (PLED). LED VS Other Lighting Fixtures

Compared to other lighting fixtures, LED is characterized by its lower energy consumption, longer life cycle, more compact size, higher switching speed and greater durability. Thus it is broadly used in various kinds of areas, including aviation illumination, traffic signals and vehicle lighting. On some occasions, it is also used in communication technology. As Table 1 illustrates, with a longer life span and lower electricity costs, LED bulbs can reduce energy expanse dramatically. It can be clearly seen from the final estimation result that replacing incandescent bulbs with LED ones is expected to generate savings of nearly $675 a year. Additionally, another research also indicates that the energy costs of a signs plus LED bulb is only $1080 in ten years while a high voltage incandescent costs $43,200. In this way, it is obviously smarter to choose LED lighting over other options. Target Customers

Since LED lighting technology presents a great versatility, it attracts a wide range of customers. As some researches show, LED lighting is now mainly used for illumination on building façade, which commands 45 percent of the global LED market. For this reason, government departments consist of the largest target group of the LED industry. Meanwhile, individual consumers form another dominant force, as LED bulbs can also be widely used for illumination at home. These two groups of customers share few similarities with each other that they should be approached with different strategies. Compared to government officials, individual consumers place more concerns on the benefits that LED lighting can bring to their families. However, for customers in the government departments, what they care is how to convince the public that they made a wise decision to choose LED products, instead of others. Promotion Strategies

Strategy 1: Online Popularization
As a recent survey shows, LED lighting still remains as a fresh technology, which is...
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