Promoting a New Store Location

Topics: Verizon Wireless, Recreation and Sports Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: July 14, 2011
Assignment 6.2
 Before the grand opening of the store Verizon Wireless needs to start advertising to the market. This will get the consumers excited about the store coming to their area. It will promote customers just coming and looking at the products and services we have as well as having fun at our grand opening. Verizon should start passing out flyers and putting ads in the paper about the grand opening extravaganza at least a month before opening the doors. Also a radio station will be there playing music and giving away prizes and they can start radio commercials as well. Having one of the local djs at the store conducting their daily show for a few hours would also help with advertisement because the people in the area will be tuned in. Verizon also needs to be active in the community. We can get involved with the festivals and concerts and the Market Square. Verizon can either sponsor some of the concerts or maybe set up a booth at some of the festivals and concerts to promote the stores grand opening and get people excited. Also getting involved with the parades and street festivals is important as well. This shows our consumers that we care about their community. All of this advertising and promoting should occur no later than a month before grand opening. This gives the population a chance to get excited about our store and products and also gives them a chance to plan to be at our location for the grand opening.  The store we are opening is going to be an evolution store. This gives customers a way to be interactive at our location. We will promote hands on fun in our store. All our products will be live so that the customers can download applications, play games, and really get to know our products. We will promote all of our services and devices. We will show the value of data plans and text messaging bundle packages. We will also demo the smart phones such as the Droids and I Phone. We will have all the accessories displayed such as cases,...
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