Promoting a Healthy Environment for Children

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  • Published : February 10, 2012
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PERD 6 – Task 2
Promoting a healthy environment for children

When planning my involvement in serving up lunch I didn’t need any parental consent but I did however, need permission from the staff in my setting as students don’t have any involvement with preparing food, only feeding the children. Before I began preparing the child’s lunch I ensured that I followed the placement policy which state that before meals “”all tables used during mealtimes were cleaned before the children could be seated”. I also made sure that my own hands were washed and then I cleaned the children’s hands with wet wipes. Before sitting the children down a member of staff made me aware of the child’s dietary requirement and that he wasn’t allowed beef. I then sat all children up at the table in separate highchairs, making sure they were strapped in so they wouldn’t fall or harm themselves in any way and put bibs on them to avoid mess. During the mealtime there were two members of staff, myself and six babies in the room. The child’s age who I prepared the lunch for is 1 year and 5 months old and for religious reasons cannot eat beef. The lunch menu for that day was spaghetti bolognese so the child was given an alternative which was quorn beef. While I was preparing the food in the kitchen there was another member of staff that was serving up the lunch for the other children who were going to have beef in their bowls. I made sure that when putting the pasta in the child’s bowl as the meat was already in it I used a different spoon which hadn’t been used in the meat bowl. I then cut the spaghetti up with separate cutlery to make sure the spaghetti and the meat was suitably sized for the age or stage of development for the child. The child was then supervised throughout the meal, ensuring that no food was passed to him and also making sure that he couldn’t reach the other children’s food. P6.6

The food that I provided for the child met the dietary requirements for his age as it...
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