Promoting the Integration of Therapeutic Touch in Nursing Practice

Topics: Chemotherapy, Nursing, Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: April 20, 2012
Running Head: ARTICLE ONE 1

Management of Care: Article One

Sally A Lilly

Lake Sumter Community College


Title of Article: Promoting the Integration of Therapeutic Touch in Nursing Practice on an Inpatient Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant Unit
Source of Article: International Journal for Human Caring
Date of Article: November 30, 2008
Has the article been subjected to Peer Review?: Blind Peer Reviewed; Double Blind Peer Reviewed; Editorial Board Reviewed; Expert Peer Reviewed; Nursing Peer Reviewed

1. Describe the patient group in the study. English speaking adults with Dx of cancer expected to be on the unit the day following the intervention, whose medical conditions did not preclude their ability to comfortably receive TT or participate in the interview, and were able to give informed consent; 34 patient-participants completed the research process (16 women and 18 men), age range of 22 to 77 with an average age of 52 years

2. What was their health problem? Bone marrow transplant Patients. The focus of the study? Explore the experiences of nurses and patients on an inpatient oncology and bone marrow transplant unit when nurses had time preserved for exclusive offering of TT.

3. Who was providing the care? Two staff nurse-interventionists who were experienced and participated in TT education, and three nurse-interviewers who discussed the TT intervention with patient-participants the day following TT treatment.

4. What was the setting for the care? The study was conducted in an academic medical center on a 26 bed hematology/oncology inpatient unit with bone marrow transplantation program.

5. What were the findings? 1) TT is a vehicle for comfort, caring, and presence that creates possibility and healing 2) TT invites a shift from disease-state focus to personhood focus that is...
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