Promoting Positive Pupil Behaviour

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Question 1:
What are your expectations regarding what is acceptable behaviour for yourself, for the pupils in your school, and for the individual in society? My expectation of acceptable behaviour for the pupils in the school and society is basically an environment that has positive behaviour. Pupils treat themselves and others with respect at all time and treat all property with respect at all times. Where children work hard and try their best concentrate and comply with adult requests. Pupils are polite, and work in a co-operative manner. Where pupils are aware of danger and responsible for own actions, and are calm and collective.

Question 2
Who were your role models when you were younger? How do you think these early role models influenced your own behaviour? When i was younger my role models were my parents and teachers. These early role models influenced my own behaviour as these role models had all positive behaviour. Being younger i used copy there actions and mannerisms which is a socially acceptable behaviour. It creates a positive framework and realistic expectations for children.

Question 3
How could a teaching assistant model positive behaviour?
As a teaching assistant I would model positive behaviour by creating a positive framework with realistic expectations for pupils behaviour. I would give consistant care and education to the pupils with clear rules and boundaries, with security and stability of a welcoming and structured environment. Giving the pupils positive motivation through praise, rewards and encouragement and a positive social interaction with my self and pupils and encouraging pupils self reliance , self confidence and positive self esteem. Encouraging in supporting pupils learning in a positive atmosphere which would make educating pupils more interesting and enjoyable not forgetting being polite and friendly and approachable.

Question 4
Explain why certain rules are necessary, e.g for safey.
Rules are necessary in school for various reason such as safety. For example having a behaviour policy is important as it gives guidelines to all staff on how they should manage childrens behaviour in a consistant manner. Its important to have rules so children have guidlines so that they have clear understanding of how to behave. Pupils should be aware of the boundaries so it helps to manage behaviour, so that they understand what is expected of them and to create a safe environment. The Rules should be written in a positive way eg. “I will walk quietly aroung school” rather than “Do not run in the school” pupils should be regularly reminded of them. Having rules should : -

* Make pupils and others feel safe
* Make a positive contribution
* Develop social and emotional skills
* Understand expectationsand limits.

Question 5
What are staff members general responsibilities for managing pupils behaviour? Staff are responsible of the behaviour of all pupils and not only those children that they have been assigned to. Adults must always act as a good role models for positive behaviour. Parents and pupils need to be told of the schools expectations of behaviour. The school rules and classroom rules need to be displayed and referred to. All pupils need to be encouraged to become self disciplined, and to be responsible for their own actions to develop their confidence and independence. Staff need to ensure that pupils know the consequences of negative behaviour. Pupils need to understand that they can improve their behaviour and make a new start. Staff need to ensure that the work in the classrooms are according to individual ability. They need to monitor poor behaviour needs and make notes and dates in the social records. The Staff should inform parents at an early stage if any problems arise with their child.

Question 6
Summarise the role and responsibilities of the teaching assistant to managing pupils behaviour. The teaching assistant...
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