Promoting Healthcare Service in India

Topics: Medicine, Million, Hong Kong Pages: 4 (870 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Spa and massage are no longer new things to Hong Kong people. In every weekend, many young ladies fly to Thailand for spa while men or senior adults travel to Shenzhen for massage or other medical treatments. Although the destinations are different, what they are doing are in fact typical examples of healthcare tourism. However, it is not popular for Hong Kong people to know that India is an emerging market for healthcare tourism. Why Hong Kong people are so unfamiliar with the healthcare tourism in India? It may be due to very limited promotion by the India government, poor hygiene environment and other reasons which lead to low desire of Hong Kong people for travelling to India for spa or massage. In this analytical report, recommendations will be given in order to show how India can improve and increase comparative advantage in the healthcare tourism by considering different issues such as marketing problems, strengthen, weakness, opportunity and threat. What is healthcare tourism?

Healthcare tourism is referred to a tourist destination where attracts tourists by promoting healthcare services and facilities on top of regular tourist facilities. In fact healthcare tourism is not an emerging industry since it has started for thousands of years. Other than spa and massage which are commonly known by Hong Kong people, healthcare tourism includes three main categories of services; spas and alternative therapies (herbal healing e.g. massage, spa etc), cosmetic surgery (operations for beauty e.g. breast augmentation, facelifts etc) and medical treatment (treatment for illness e.g. heart surgery, cancer treatment etc). Market potential in healthcare tourism

By referring to various country data, steady growth was found with respect to the number of medical vacationers. Thailand has been taking a leading position in healthcare tourism that number of medical vacationers was greatly increased from one million in 2003 to 1.26 million in 2005. Second biggest...
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