Promoting Good Postures

Topics: Physical exercise, Posture, Exercise Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Promoting Good Postures While Keyboarding

Postures refer to the body’s alignment so having good posture while keyboarding is very important. People who do not have good postures are less resistant to strains and stress one may experience over time. There are three important tips that will help promote good posture while keyboarding are as followed; exercise regularly, don’t slouch, and wearing comfortable shoes. Exercising regular actually help with keeping a good posture. You can try many different forms of exercises that would help develop good postures. You can try walking, running, yoga, and even swimming. These forms of exercises will help you gain good posture skills and movement. All of these activities actually help with aligning the bones in your body and by using them you will definitely develop good posture techniques. Whenever you want to promote good posture remember not to slouch. You should always stand up and sit up straight. Poor postures and body deformity can develop when you slouch while standing. This affect also apply as well when bending your back while sitting. So, practice sitting and standing up straight so that you can have the perfect body as well as good posture. Wearing comfortable shoes is the last thing that can help promote good posture. Wearing heels throughout the whole day can lead to misalignment to your body. This can affect your back and posture as well. Wearing proper shoes really help with maintaining good posture. In my past I used to wonder why my arms, back and neck would hurt while I was on the computer. I see now it was because I lack the use of using good posture technique. I would always sit with my leg crossed, back slouch over, or lying down in the bed with my laptop. Since, I know better now I’m going to using these helpful tips to help maintain a good posture while keyboarding.
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