Promoting Childrens and Young Persons Development

Topics: Observation, Scientific method, Hypothesis Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: July 6, 2012
CU1520 – Promote Child and Young Person Development
Element 201
When assessing and observing a child's development at my setting there are many factors that I need to take into account. These include:
- Confidentiality. I must ensure I get permission from parents or careers before I observe their child. I must ensure that observations are not left on the sides in the rooms to others can read them. They are stored carefully in their child's trays that only staff and that child's parents can look in. When discussing observations I must only do so with colleagues and professionals that have the right to know. - Children’s wishes and feelings. I must ensure that it is an appropriate time to be observing a child. E.g. when a child is first settling into my setting observations are usually put on hold until they feel comfortable, happy and confidant in themselves. I must also ensure that I am using appropriate language when writing the observations up. - Ethnic, Linguistic and Cultural background. It is important that I asses children’s development reliably. Sometimes behaviour or skills can be dependent on cultural, ethnic or linguistic backgrounds. E.g. a child that speaks English as a second language may not understand some words used during stories and conversations. - Disability or Specific Requirements. Disabilities or particular needs have to be taken into account when observing and assessing development. E.g. A child in my setting has recently been diagnosed with autism, when observing and communicating with him I must use short sentences, one word instructions and flash cards so he can further understand what I am asking. -Reliability of information. Making sure that I am observing development with accuracy is important. It could affect and hinder a child's development if inaccurate observations are made and an adult leads to underestimating a child's potential. The information I gather must be reliable and accurate. - Avoiding Bias. It is important...
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