Promote Professional Development

Topics: Skill, Competence, Four stages of competence Pages: 4 (1626 words) Published: February 21, 2013
The promotion of professional development
This essay will consider the importance of professional development, the sources of learning, styles of learning and barriers to continual development. Continual development is the key to the maintenance of standards and the promotion of high quality care, alongside job satisfaction and career progressions as supported by government and regulatory bodies (RCN 2007, Department of Health (DoH) 2004 and 2007) . As Kirwin et al (2012) state there are numerous benefits of continual personal development.. The most obvious and important benefits are to the residents whom we care for and ensures quality, effective care is delivered. Other benefits stated by Kirwin et al (2012) include staff related aspects for example increased job satisfaction, increased self-awareness, and potential for career development. Undertaking professional development may also bring different groups of professionals together and improve joint working. Kirwin et al (2012) describe research that has shown that professional development may prevent burn out and stress however, asking staff to add training to their busy lives may cause extra burdens and stress in themselves and this needs to be monitored. Some staff may be reluctant to attend training due to lack of facility with language and illiteracy and may feel embarrassed and wish not to have other staff aware of their predicament. Staff may believe that they already know everything pertaining to a specific area of training, described as unconscious competence, this we will consider this aspect later. Although the benefits of continuous learning are clear one of the key barriers for homes is cost. Not only in staff time but also in the acquisition and provision of high quality training material. I would argue that working for a large organisation negates this issue however staff in in other organisations may not be afforded the same opportunities. Having considered the benefits of...
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