Promote from Within and Hiring Form Outside

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Question 13
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Advantages of promoting from within5
Disadvantages of promoting from within6
Advantages of bringing in from outside7
Disadvantages of bringing in from outside8
Impact of promoting from within on the morale of employees9
Impact of bringing in outside on the morale of employees10

In my opinion based on the case study, it is not justified in appointing Mike Ullman, an outsider as CEO instead of Jessica Robert, who was instrumental in turning around the company between 2005 and 2010. The reason I disagree is because promoting from within brings a lot of benefits to employees and organization. I individually support promoting from within and I think that promoting from within is definitely more justified than bringing in an outsider. Research shows that insider and outsider both has different benefits and loss and it is depends on the managerial decision. Different management has different view towards insider and outsider. I have choose to support promoting from within in this assessment is because that the research make me believe that promoting from within can increase productivity and employees satisfaction. I have provides three strong reason to support my personal view.

Question 1
The first reason of promoting from within is good for morale. When the top management is decided to promote from within, the others employees are often very pleased because they think that “one of their own” has been promoted to a management-level position and makes them feel nothing is impossible. (David G. Javitch., 2005) The morale of employees will improve when they realize that every one of them is possible to be promoted and this usually leads to increase motivation of employees. Since Jessica Robert was instrumental in turning around the company, the others employees will think that it is justified to promote Jessica Robert. The others employee has witness her hardworking in turning around the company and they do not have any objection in promoting Jessica Robert. If the company promotes Jessica Robert, the morale of employees will definitely boost because they think that it is possible to happen on their own too. When morale and motivation goes up, the productivity and the efficiency of the company will increase especially when the employees like or respect the newly promoted individual because they are already used to the way that work together with the newly promoted individual. (Charles R. Knoeber., 2001) Motivation is playing an important role within an organization because in increased of motivation often leads to increased of employee satisfaction. In case, Jessica Robert has joined the organization as the COO at 2005 and she was made a turnover for the company. Her succession is all seen by the others employee in the organization and she became a very respective person in the company. If the company promotes Jessica Robert as CEO, the motivation of others employee will definitely increase because most of the employees are respect her and they have been working together quite a long time thus, they are already used to the way Jessica Robert work.

Second reason is an internal candidate is most likely already familiar with the functional aspects of their new job because he used to an employee in the organization. (DR. David G. Javitch., 2005) Jessica Robert He joined the company at 2005 and she is very familiar with all the process and the system in the particular organization and she don’t have to spend times to get used to the new environment, people, and the job scope. She knows the corporate culture, the procedures, policies, processes, employees, and internal and external customers associated with the job. (DR. David G. Javitch., 2005) Therefore, by promoting she can definitely increase the effectiveness of the company because she can generally hit the ground running. She can work more effectively than...
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