Promote Communication in Children's Settings

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  • Published : April 17, 2011
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Promote Communication in Children's Settings
Communication is very important for those working in the childcare sector. In this sector we need to build relationships with children and their parents, to enable us to do this successfully and make our relationships grow and blossom we rely immensely on effective communication. Why People Communicate

People communicate for lots of different reasons and I will cover the key reasons below: To Build Relationships
The first time we meet a new parent or child it is important that we are friendly and welcoming. This is the start of the relationship and it is good to begin with firm foundations and that they get a positive feeling about us. To Maintain the Relationship

The maintenance of the relationship is something we may do quite unconsciously. The day-to-day chat, of asking "how are you" or just asking about someone's weekend will slowly build up a rapport with a parent or child and gradually the relationship will move on from that first friendly "hello" as we get to learn more about them and they learn more about us. To Gain and Share Information

We will need to find out information from the parents and children to help us do our job effectively and ensure that the needs of the children are met and that we have a good knowledge of the children and we in return will share information with them. It is also beneficial to build relationships with other professionals so that we may gain and share information with them to help us with run our settings effectively. To Gain Reassurance and Acknowledgement

Whilst working with young children we may give them reassurance physically with a cuddle or with positive comments and acknowledge them by showing that we are interested in what they are doing. Reassurance and acknowledgement is also important to the practitioner; by children being content in our setting and their parents acknowledging that they are happy with the care their children are receiving it reassures...
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