Promote Child and Young Person Development

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CU1520Kimberley Winter
Promote child and young person development

When assessing a child’s development many factors need to be taken into account. It is more important to assess if a child is following the expected pattern of development rather than where they should be at their age. Every child develops at a different rate. You should account for circumstantial factors such as if the young person is tired, ill and what young people in a similar age range are able to achieve. It is important to consider a child’s ethnicity and culture as a child living in an area different to their own ethnicity and culture may be discriminated against or may feel different to others and feel like they do not fit in. Also, if a child’s family life is different to that of a ‘normal family’ they may be discriminated against and may not be provided the same opportunities as others, such as if they live in poverty. These children may feel under-valued which will affect their attitude to learning. If a child feels like this they will have low self-esteem which will keep them back from joining in and developing the same as others. Also disability and additional needs need to be taken into account and when assessing a child with a disability it is important to assess their development and progress rather than compare the child to others who do not have a disability and may find the task easier. Having a disability could also give a child low self-esteem and make them feel discriminated against which again will affect their development. Also, home problems should be taken into account when assessing a child. If the family are having problems, there has been bereavement or there’s been a birth of a sibling, this can affect a child’s behaviour and often can make a child regress. Also you should remember the rate of development is affected by how much stimulation they get from home and can be affected by factors before birth. It is important to realise that information you...
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