Prominent Leaders in Usa: Malcom X & Martin Luther King

Topics: African American, Racial segregation, Racism Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. followed extremely different paths as leaders of the black liberal movement. They did not work with the same organizations and frequently disagreed with each other about love and hate, violence and non-violence, separatism and integration as well as the relevancy of Christianity with regard to the quest for equal rights and social justice. When one thinks of Martin Luther King as a political leader, associations such as “philosophy of love, nonviolence and integration” would emerge as opposed to Malcolm who would be associated with “hate, separation and violence”. Martin grew up in the Southern States and attended racially segregated schools for African Americans from his elementary years right through university. According to writer Curtis DeYoung, Martin spent his daily life in a “protective cocoon” of the black community. King was committed to his church and was not fully aware of his country’s racial circumstances until he eventually moved beyond his hometown only to find that the country he once found so much pride in, was now powered by white supremacy on the terms of racial segregation. Your racial classification determined where you dined, ate, which public facilities you could use and even where you used the bathroom. Some claim that whites even hoped that heaven and hell would be segregated. Malcolm on the other hand was raised in the northern states and attended school as the only black learner amongst his fellow whites. Unlike Martin’s “cocoon-like” protection, he faced daily onslaught of racism by white teachers and parents of his class mates. His family’s house was even burned down as whites believed that only they may earn property. White supremist organizations continued to torment Malcolm and his family and even caused the death of his father when he was six years old. Malcolm’s mother was committed in to a psychiatric institution because of...
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