Prometheus Essay

Topics: Frankenstein, Prometheus, Mary Shelley Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: November 25, 2012
When I was reading “Prometheus”, I came upon a lot of similarities between the story and Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus. I believe Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus was a good name for Mary Shelley’s book for multiple reasons. One reason was that both Prometheus and Victor, despite what people said, gave very valuable but dangerous things to both society and individual persons. Another reason might be that both Victor and Prometheus had to suffer for their bad decisions. Both Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus and “Prometheus” share many similarities through both their tone and morale.

In Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus, the tone of the subject to the author simply screams disapproval and a little bit of appreciation. When Mary Shelley first writes of Victor creating the monster, she shows excitement through her writing when she brings up the idea that life could be created in a lab and given to a lifeless being. But, later on in the book, when she is writing for Victor’s character, she clearly expresses more hatred and disapproval of the idea of the giving of life to lifeless beings. She expresses these ideas through Frankenstein’s obvious anger and pain that is caused because of his reckless choice to create life. In terms of morale, Shelley makes it clear life is not meant to be created and given away. Life is supposed to be a very valuable thing to be appreciated every day. But yet, she still shows that good can come from a bad situation. These are some of the examples of Shelley’s intentional moral and tone in Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus.

In “Prometheus” the author’s tone also shows disapproval, but it presents positive thoughts about the gift of fire. When Prometheus first gives fire to the people of the earth, the author expresses both his approval and disapproval of the situation through Zeus’s character and Prometheus’s character. When Zeus says, “Now that they have that gift, there’s no telling what they’ll do. Soon...
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