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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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"Ancient Greece and Robin Hood"

Prometheus is the “Greek Robin Hood”,A hero who embodied many heroic traits,but the most valued was his witty intellect.Born to Iapteus and Kleymene,an Oceanid and Titan. Prometheus is a titan;who were overthrown by god including almighty Zeus. He is known for making man out of clay, but not only for artistry. Prometheus earned a“Robin Hood” image by bringing fire to mortals. When Zeus refused to give this life changing element, courageous Prometheus stole it,delivered,and became a hero with a price to pay. Zeus retaliated, by having an eagle eat of his liver for all eternity. Pandora was also created as one of Zeus’s pawn in revenge towards Prometheus. Prometheus became a image,embodiment of early humanity,and is referred to as a lone genius some. The ancient Greek’s valued rationalism,and intelligence very highly. Even though the Greeks valued intelligence,many of the children did not attend school. Many were either slaves or too poor. The boys who scraped up enough, learned to read & write, memorize sections of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey,and learn to sing. The children had to be rational and use any material they heard or saw to learn.The Greeks value a skill that to a deep amount of ambition to achieve. Ancient Greek art included architecture,painting,stories,and pottery.Many painting were destroyed,but the Greek's made inter-quit drawings on their pottery.One small vase could tell ten years of history. Homer,and Adriannus, were a famous Greek poets.The poems written by these two were used then and still today,digging into each page to uncover it’s secrets. Greek mythology also inspired stories of today. “Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus” by Mary Shelly is inspired by no other than himself Prometheus. Greek Culture inspired many aspects of life. In regular,daily life no matter what part of the world ancient Greek culture is in the air. Temples,churches,and even schools somehow has Greek architect Incorporated...
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