Prom vs Halloween

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Halloween vs. prom
There are always several occasions that come along in every child as well as a teens life. These events are common for kids in the states. One starts out as soon as were able to go out into the world and our parents dress us up as something cute and cuddly. The other is more of a rite of passage for high school students. This is when we get to choose the dress and the suite and be something special for the night. What are these events that are so close but yet so different? They would just happen to be Halloween night and prom night.

What can these two events possibly have in common? Well let’s take a look. These are two events that take place in a young person’s life. They just take place at different times, but we all still know a few high school kids that went ticker treating on Halloween night. Both events usually take place around the same time, usually around 6 in the evening. During this time everyone is getting dressed thing cloths that you normally wouldn’t wear on a daily basis. On one occasion you get to dress up and look like a princess and get your glam on, while the on the other hand you can get away with walking around with a tub on suspender or even a bed sheet.

The activites that happen usually are in the same category. Prom considered by most is usually a big party in its self, and Halloween is just a reason to party. Dancing, food, and contests are the normal festivities. There is of course the prom king and queen. Just like Halloween with the best male and female costumes’. Dancing is most of the night with an occasional door prize.

What are the differences in the events? We all can name these really easy. The first comes to mind that the clothing is far different. How often do you walk around in a suite or a gown. You just don’t its saved for a special event and Halloween you just don’t walk around like a fuzzy bunny except maybe Easter, but that’s an whole different topic.

The times of the year play a...
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