Prom Night Gone Wrong

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Peyton Wagner
Period 5

The Worst Prom Ever

What time is it? It’s time for the biggest event any school has that all the girls look forward to! It’s time to get a date, a tux to match her dress, flowers to match her dress, reservations at a fancy restaurant, and a fancy car to drive instead of my beat up 1987 Honda Civic. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s prom time!

Prom this year is in the ballroom of The Great Ballroom Dance Studio. My date for my prom is my girlfriend. Her dress color is blue, green, and teal, with silver shoes and silver nails. Since she won’t let me see the dress, she is going with me to pick out the tuxedo. I am wearing a black tux, with a silver vest, bow tie, black shirt, and silver pocket square. I got her a three rose flower bracelet that matched perfectly with her dress. We ate at Dirty Dick’s Crab House. Instead of taking my old, beat up, 1987 Honda Civic, I took my uncle’s brand new BMW. It was black, with dark tinted windows, black rims, and an amazing aftermarket stereo.

I called the restaurant and made reservations for 6:30, and prom started at 8:00. When we get to the restaurant, it was 6:20 and there was not an open table to be found. We waited, and we waited, and we waited. Finally, we got a table. By then it was going on 7:15. Luckily, our waiter, Big Richard, came right away to take our order. I figured he would be really fast at getting our food to us so we could hurry up and get out of there to get to the prom on the other side of the town. But no, the cook messed up our order 5 times! Finally, I got tired of waiting and wanted to get to the prom before the doors closed at 8:20. So, I took my date and went and found the waiter and told him not to worry about it because otherwise we were going to miss the prom. He said, “but I have your food right here!” You know what my response was? “Take it and eat it for your dinner big guy. We have a prom to go to.” My date and I walked out and hit the...
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