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Topics: Agatha Christie, Writing, Agatha Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Imagine yourself as a prolific writer. With hundreds of your works being published and millions of your workpiece sold worldwide, lengthy careers are yours with well-maintained level of output year after year. However, not everyone is born with such gift. So, what it takes to be such a prolific writer? A highly prolific writer tends to work even when they’re not inspired which mean developing production habit. This can be achieved as they will set goals and accomplish them. For instance, Dame Agatha Christie who is a novelist with 722 books published. On average, she released one book for every 40 days of her career. Eventhough there will be distractions, but they will learn to ignore them and write. But how they do it? Most highly prolific writers have managed to pin down a lot of variables in their life; they aren’t constantly rearranging the logistics of life and reconfiguring their life situations. Trust your own ability and creativity. That is what makes a highly successful prolific writer. They firmly settled in their creative identities. Prolific artists don’t question their artistic identities. They own the title of artist, writer or even musician. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important. Prolific writer aren’t shy about what they do and they poured their soul towards art in reams of paper. Prolific writer see the world around them as inspiration which is their secret for keep producing without fail. However, ideas don’t fall from the sky and find their way to your brains. They have to spend their day being open to ideas. Sometimes, they might produce a best-seller novel just by watching couple or the group of people sitting opposite from him or her in a coffee shop or by sitting in their room, they rewrite items from their past or memory or even their own dreams. The most important is that they will always keep a journal to record ideas, thoughts or to sketch anything they saw. As a conclusion, in spite of perceptions surrounding...
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