Projectile Motion Lab

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Projectile Motion Lab|

Projectile Motion Lab|

March 14, 2012
Authored by: Abby Buchanan and Zack Sloope

March 14, 2012
Authored by: Abby Buchanan and Zack Sloope

Projectile Motion Lab
Angle: The angle will affect the height.
Initial Speed: This will affect the distance and force.
Mass of Projectile: It affects how much force is needed.
Size and Shape of Projectile: It will affect the distance.

Range: distance an object goes
Height: distance between lowest and highest point
Time: the time it takes an object from launch to hit the ground

How does the angle affect projectile motion?
angle| 15| 30| 45| 60| 75|
range| 20m| 31m| 24.2m| 29m| 17m|
time| 1.2s| 2s| 2.7s| 3.3s| 3.6s|
height| -1.2m| -1.2m| -1.2m| -1.2m| -1.2m|
| | | | | |

As the angle increased, time increased. The range increases and decreases. The height remained the same throughout. Initial Speed:
How does initial speed affect projectile motion?
speed| 15m/s| 18m/s| 21m/s| 24m/s| 27m/s| 30m/s|
range| 8.1m| 11.5m| 15.6m| 20.3m| 25.7m| 31.6m|
time| 3.1s| 3.7s| 4.3s| 4.9s| 5.5s| 6.1s|
height| -1.2m| -1.2m| -1.2m| -1.2m| -1.2m| -1.2m|

As initial speed increases, time and range increase and height stays the same. Mass:
How does the mass affect projectile motion?
Mass| 5kg| 10kg| 20kg| 50kg|
Range| 11.5m| 11.5m| 11.5m| 11.5m|
Time| 3.7s| 3.7s| 3.7s| 3.7s|
height| -1.2m| -1.2m| -1.2m| -1.2m|

As mass increases, everything stays the same. So, mass does not affect projectile motion.

Size and Shape:
How does size and shape affect projectile motion?
Object| baseball| Bowling ball| human| piano| Buick|
Time| 3.7s| 3.7s| 3.7s| 3.7s| 3.7s|
Range | 11.5m| 11.5m| 11.5m| 11.5m| 11.5m|
height| -1.2m| -1.2m| -1.2m| -1.2| -1.2|

Size and shape does not affect projectile motion. It...
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