Project Woody 2000

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Customs and Woodworking Company base its activity on furniture manufacturing, custom millwork and hardwood importing. It is a family owned and managed company employing approximately 850 employees including Head Office staff and a manufacturing site staff in Someplace, BC. Yearly the total assets were $181million, $93.25 million in sales with net earnings of $6.54 million. Considering a mini-boom in commercial construction observed with the possibility of an airport expansion and free-trade opportunities there is a potential opportunity of expanding their business. However, the current manufacturing site could not produce the expected demand requiring an expansion of the existing site. For this reason the company has decided to increase the production capacity in the current site. OBJECTIVES

The objective for Project Woody 2000 includes an increase of 25% of the production capacity by installing a semi-automatic woodworking train, installing air conditioning in the site and a dust-free paint and finishing shop complete with additional compressor capacity. The other project objective will be the renovation of two offices in the head office. The project will have a duration of 18 months and a budget of $17 million. PLANNING APPROACH

Firstly, for starting developing the planning it will be required to meet with the initial team which will include: * VP Finance and administration: Spencer Moneyworth credit request and contractor payments and contract requirements * VP Production: Miles Faster Production insight, machinery and product specifications and quality. * Mechanical Engineer: Ian Leadbetter Semi-automatic machinery insight and software development * EID Contractors: Alfred Fowler and Ivar Kontrak Contractors elected for the building construction. * S&P Contractors: Randy Schemers Contractor elected for Industrial design. * Piecemeal Corporation: Eddie Forgot Contractor elected for equipment...
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