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The requirement of this group project:

Learning Outcomes
It is intended that by the end of this project, students will be able to:  Understand the structure of exploration data files,
 Create, validate and composite a drillhole database,
 Build a block model,
 Estimate grades to blocks using Inverse Distance Technique,  Generate the reserves, and
 Become familiar with an orebody modelling and resource estimation software package.

The Deposit
The deposit is a gold mineralisation which lies horizontally beneath the surface. A “first-pass” drilling campaign has been completed with 26 boreholes being drilled on a series of north south sections using a single RC Drilling Rig. The sections are 25 metres apart and start at 5922 m E and 5036 m N. The main lithology of the area consists of soil, sandstone, siltstone, breccia and basalt from the surface.

Files provided
Each group will be provided with a set of project files compiled from the exploration process by a geologist. These files contain the necessary data for creating a drillhole database and block model to be used for resource estimation. Descriptions of these files are given below.File Name | | Collar.csv | |

Survey.csv | |
Assay.csv | |
Geo.dsf| |
Reeboreholes.geo.isis| |
Topo.00t | |

Required Tasks
 Examine the data files,
 import data files into the software package,
 load and view the drillhole database both graphically and in database format,  composite the drillhole database,
 define the shape of the orebody from the drillholes,
 build a block model and assign grades using inverse distance grade estimation method,  calculate the reserve for the interpolation method,
 Display a Grade-Tonnage Curve, and
 submit a group report.
Project Interview and Report
 All the members of the team must be present (0 mark will be awarded to any member of the team who is not present),  Interview will be conducted in the computer lab where the students need to show the results of the project on the computer,  Students will be expected to demonstrate ability to use software,  This process will take about 10 minutes.

 Students are required to give a Summary Report for the project (max 5 pages),  The report should contain appropriate views of the progress of building the block model and a reserve table,  Report to be submitted by Friday May 25th (Week 12).

 The Project Interviews will be held in Thursday May 24th (the meeting roster will be posted later).

Group Project 2 – Orebody Modelling and Reserve Estimation

Group members:

Feng Fan
Li Zha

Table of Contents

Required tasks1
Drill hole database2
Block model6
Grade tonnage report2
Type chapter title (level 2)5
Type chapter title (level 3)6
Type chapter title (level 2)2
Type chapter title (level 3)3
Type chapter title (level 2)5
Type chapter title (level 3)6
Type chapter title (level 2)5
Type chapter title (level 3)

The objective of this group project is to demonstrate the ability to use a block model calculatingpossible ore reserve using the provided drillhole database. To achieve this objective, the orebody data has to be calculated independently using triangulation and block model reserving techniques in Vulcan software.The data given was originally the result of 26 different exploration holes drilled by a single RC drill rig in the north south sections of the deposit. The mainlithology of the area consists of soil, sandstone, siltstone, breccia and basalt according to the analysis of the drillhole data. Gold mineralization occurred in different stages of in this area butthe exact detail of the mineralisation is still unclear. ‘Vulcan ‘will be used in order to plot given drillholes, composite the data and determine...
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