Project Team Acquisition

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1.2 Acquire Project Team
Coming together is a beginning,
Keeping together is progress,
Working together is success.
- Henry Ford

This is one of the eight executing processes in Project Management which falls under the Human Resource knowledge area. The objective of this process is to confirm the availability of human resources and obtain the required team members needed for the execution of a project. The roles, responsibilities and duration the team members are required for are outlined and regularly updated in the Human Resource Plan which is a part of the Project Management Plan.

A team can be defined as a collection of interdependent individuals who work together, are committed to a common goal and share responsibility for specific outcomes for which they are mutually accountable.[2] “Teamwork divides the task and doubles the success” – Unknown.

Teams are a great way to make the most of employee talents and because they can be assembled, organized and dispersed, they are more flexible and reactive to changing events than the conventional departments or other forms of permanent groupings. [1] Types of teams

The most common team types based on their objectives are:

1.Problem-solving teams
2.Self- managed teams
3.Cross- functional teams
4.Virtual teams

Problem-solving teams: A group of about 4 to 12 employees from the same department who meet for a few hours weekly to discuss issues, how to improve efficiency, quality, etc.[1] Self- managed teams: A group of about 7 to 12 employees who handle managerial responsibilities of their previous managers.[1] Cross- functional teams: a group of employees from different work/specialization areas but at about the same hierarchical level, who come together to accomplish a task.[1] Virtual teams: a group of individuals working together but spend little or no time meeting face-to-face. Communication is done via electronic mediums such as video conferencing. [4] “Teamwork is working together -- even when apart” –Unknown.

Overall, the “Acquire Project Team” process examines the required roles and positions as stated in the Project Management Plan and finds individuals to fill those roles.

Figure 1.2a: Acquire Project Team Input, Tools and Techniques, and Output [4]

-Human Resource Plan

Project Human Resource Plan Enterprise Environmental Factors Management
Plan Updates Organizational Process Assets

Project Staff Assignments Resource Calendars

Figure 1.2b: Acquire Project Team Flow Diagram

1.Project management plan
2.Enterprise environmental factors
3.Organizational process assets

Tools and Techniques
4.Virtual teams

1.Project staff assignments
2.Resource calendars
3.Project management plan updates

1.2.1 Acquire Project Team: Inputs
1. Project Management Plan: This document contains all the necessary actions for defining, preparing, integrating, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing the project. [4] An important section of this document is the Human Resource plan which contains the staffing management plan.

The staffing management plan provides details of how the project team members will be acquired and dispersed based on the conditions of the project.[4] For example, a project may require an instrumentation engineer in the fourth phase of the project. The project manager may be required to present a job description of what the instrumentation engineer will be responsible for, the duration and work schedule, after which the human resource department or other functional managers would...
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