Project: Social Conversation

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  • Published : August 9, 2012
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Supervisor: Mrs. Conrad

Mentor: Lisa Driscoll
Name: Jame Fuerte









Have you ever experienced something so incomprehensible that the only words that your mind could stumble upon were “There are just no words to describe”? The moments that take your breath away? There are dictionaries that provide some necessary description. Professionals that could encompass a snapshot of your feelings. Doing such things however, only limits these feelings to the binding words. Personally I have never been one that could sway the thoughts of an audience. I have never been able to accomplish the basics for social conversation. Plainly, I can’t speak with a voice that echos that of Winston Churchill. My echo is left in the darkest of caves; surrounding nothing more than dirt and coal. Going back to the original statement of “there are just no words to describe” I notice the error presented that most people often overlook; “words”. The world doesn’t purely derive from the sound, meaning, and usage of words. If it did: deff people would have a very hard time getting to know the place, silent movies never would have made it that big in media, and slang would never really exist because it would then be added to an exponentially growing dictionary. Instead we use: movements, gestures, and actions. There are really no words that inflict the same feeling of being punched in the stomach; then that of you being punched in the stomach. Dancing I feel is the same. I don’t have the words to describe what it feels like to have your: heart shattered, joy that overwhelms the fact that is a Friday after school, or the moments of love that leaves you blank; but I can sure show you what my voice can’t. I wanted to learn how to choreograph, to create stanzas of movements, that not only told a story, but voiced the inner part of me that weeped for attention. I wanted to chose a song that not only kept up with my speed of movements, but that could also help the viewers understand through lyrics what I am getting at. I am not rhythmically challenged. This project wasn’t about learning how to dance, or counting beats, or even choreographing a piece that was mandatory for passing. My project, my actual project, was more than that. It was tapping, if not releasing, the inner love and passion inside for the life I am blessed to have. More of a “spiritual journey into my soul” type of deal (English, Teri. Personal interview. 2 Jan. 2012). Creativity in all aspects of the word played a part in my end product. It was the basis and catalyst for my whole project. For what is choreography other than that of sheer imagination and creation. There is not a defined label for the dance that I choreographed neither. It was a fusion of Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Ballet; sown from the needle that is my mentor. My research question bluntly states “How can choreographing expand my creativity through multiple styles of dance?”. I will explicate no further. In what ways does the expression of creativity, evolve an art? “Creativity only steps as far as your mind limits.” (Benson, Dannie. "Evolution: Art." Front Range Dance Speech. Front Range. Dance class, Fort Collins. 12 Mar. 2012. Speech). Art is really the continuation of creativity. Therefore, Art, “can only truly go as far as your willing to stretch” (Buck, Sam. Personal interview. 17 Jan. 2012). in a sense. I believe I “stretched out” far beyond that of any before me. Generally when you think of art you may envision paintings, writing, or maybe even dance, but really what does it do for us? In what ways does it benefit you? Thats really the question; is it not? Where would we be without: music, paintings, dance, political speeches? Where would you stand today if the Renaissance never became a point in time? The...
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