Project Report on Nescafe Bangladesh

Topics: Coffee, Brand management, Marketing Pages: 46 (8663 words) Published: April 21, 2012
1. Introduction

1.1. Origin

The effort of preparing the report originated from the necessity to fulfill the requirements of BUS-498. With the permission and support of my supervisor Mr. Md. Nur-E-Alam Siddique, the intention of the study encompassed to discover and explain the consumer preferences for the leading coffee brand Nescafé.

1.2. Objectives

The objectives of the study are:

Broad objective: To develop profile of Nescafé and the Coffee drinkers

Specific objectives: To attain the broad objective following specific objectives were pursued:

• To know the Nescafé Coffee industry briefly.
• To identify the Market Segmentation and Target Market, Positioning Strategies & Marketing Mix of Nescafé. • To discover the Brand Image, Product Positioning & Market Profile. • To focus on the current Promotional Activities of Nescafé. • To find out the group influence on Nescafé Coffee drinkers. • To identify the motivational factors those influence the Nescafé Coffee drinkers. • To find the situational influences that affects the Nescafé Coffee drinkers.

1.3 Scope

This study focused Nescafé Coffee drinkers of Dhaka City. It covered time span of 60 days starting from 18th February 2012.

1.4 Methodology

Nature of the study: Exploratory
Sources of information: Both primary and secondary information sources were used to complete this study. □ Primary sources: Primary sources were individuals around us who may or may not have the habit of drinking hot beverage. Following factors were considered to collect information: a. Sampling method: Convenient sampling

b. Information collection instrument: Structured questionnaires for the respondents. c. Sample size: 30 coffee drinkers
□ Secondary sources: Secondary information was collected from the local company ‘Nestle Bangladesh’ and web site of the parent company.

3. Analysis techniques: Statistical techniques were used to analyze the collected information. Simple Mean and Frequency Distribution has been used for analysis.

4. Presentation of information: Collected information and findings of the analysis are presented in both descriptive and graphical form.

1.5 Limitations

Several problems were arises to complete this study. They were:

1. Some of the respondents failed to complete the questionnaire due to unavoidable reasons.

2. The management of Nestle did not want to reveal all the information about the product

2. Company Profile

Nestle Slogan: “Good Food, Good Life”

|2.1 Nestlé | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Nestlé is the world’s largest Food Company.| |Nestlé is the world’s largest food group involved in nearly every field of | | | |nutrition, with a turnover of 81.4 billion Swiss Francs annually. With a total| | | |workforce of approximately 224,541 people in some 479 factories worldwide, | | | |Nestlé is not only Switzerland's largest industrial company, but it is also | | | |the World's Largest Food Company. Nestlé products are available in nearly | | | |every country around the world. Nestlé is...
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