Project Report on Hr Role Survey

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Project Report


HR Role Survey

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Pranati Raheja

Table of Contents

Participant Profile
• Sector
• Experience
• Industry

HR Roles and Responsibilities

• Role of the HR Function – Current
• Role of the HR Function –Expected Future State



The objectives of this project are to find out the HR managers’ perspective on the present and the future quality of HR services and to know the present and future HR roles as perceived by line managers in India. The Research focuses on the business role of HR namely¸ Strategic Partner¸ Administrative Expert¸ Employee Champion and Change agent Roles. Conner and Ulrich’s 1996 Multiple Model Survey Questionnaires was used in different Indian Organizations in different Industrial sectors. Sample population included HR managers at different positions, with different work experience.

Participant Profile

According to

1. Sector


While a broad cross-section of organizations provided data for the survey, there was no participation from public and other sectors. Two fifth of the participants were from private sector, while the rest were equally divided amongst mnc’s and joint ventures with mnc’s.

2. Experience


Approximately two-fifth of the participants had been working as hr professionals for 2-5 years, the next maximum participation came from the group which had more than 8 years of experience. The least no of participants were had worked for 5-8 years.

3. Industry

Approximately one fourth of the participants were from ITES, Manuf., and consultancy each .The rest was equally divided between IT and Other industries.

HR Roles and Responsibilities

Administrative Expert: HR builds efficient infrastructures
Employee Champion: HR increases employee commitment and capability Strategic Partner: HR executes strategy
Change Agent: HR is creating a renewed organization

Role of the HR Function – Current


1. Organizations were asked to identify which one of four service delivery models best described their current state. The results indicate that there is an approximate balance between the four roles but the role as Admin. Expert and Employee Champion lead marginally.


3. Role of the HR Function –Expected Future State


HR functions expect to become increasingly strategically focused and less administratively focused in the span of next decade.

Trend Analysis-Present and Future


A comparison of the trends for present and future shows that while the role of HR is expected to grow in all the four categories. The growth will be more as change agent and strategic partner and least as

Trend Analysis – According to Role

• Strategic Partner


As can be observed from the above graph while more than ninety percent of participants believe that hr’s role as strategic partner will grow the maximum growth is about 25 points and least is zero.Average expected growth score is 13 points.

• Admin Expert


Comparison of present and future role of HR as Admin. Expert is a bit difficult as the response is mixed. About 15 percent of the respondents believe that role of HR as admin. expert will be less than what it is today, a same percentage of participants believe that there will be no change. Rest believes that HR’s role will grow by an average of 7 points; maximum expected growth is about 17 points.

• Employee Champion


A majority of population surveyed-70 percent believe that role of HR as employee champion will increase by an average of 10 points. Maximum expected increase being 15 points. Seven percent of the participants believe that there won’t be any change in role of hr as Employee Champion.23 percent believe there will be a decline by an average of 7 points, the maximum decline being about 10...
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